Tequila Baluarte Blanco


Tequilana Weber


Highlands, Jalisco


Traditional brick oven


Triple distillation in copper-column stills.

Tasting notes

A great body with clear and brilliant, silver shades; fragrant cooked agave scents with fresh herbal hints. It has a sweet flavor with overtones of vanilla, caramel and herbal notes from the freshly cut agave plant. It brings a clean finish with a soft aftertaste.

Available in

1.75 L | 750 ML | 100 ML

Envasado de Origen  Jay Kosher Certification 

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Baluarte Blanco Awards

Double Gold Medal Tequila Blanco

San Francisco 2023

Double Gold Medal
White Tequilas class

Chicago 2022

Gold Medal


San Francisco 2022

Gold Medal
White Tequilas class

Tequila Baluarte, wins again in this year
2022 Gold Medal in the category of
100% agave tequilas, in the
White Tequilas class.

San Francisco 2017

Gold Medal
Packaging Design Award

Winning cylinders were Huichol,
Mariachi, Oaxaca and Sarape.
Designer: TD2 Branding / Rafael Treviño

Chicago 2015

Gold Medal
Beverage Testing Institute


Chicago 2013

Gold Medal
Beverage Testing Institute


New York 2011

Double Gold Medal (Best of Show) World Wine & Spirits Competition

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