Baluarte tequila begins with the careful selection and harvesting of mature blue agave plants from the fertile Highlands of Jalisco, the birthplace of tequila.This process is also known as “jima” and is performed by the skilled harvesters of the region, known as jimadores.

Agave Washing

Prior to cooking, we implemented a special quality control step called “agave wash.” This precise process involves carefully washing each one of the previously selected piñas, ensuring that only the purest mature agave hearts are used in crafting Baluarte tequila. It’s our unwavering commitment to excellence that sets us apart.


Baluarte tequila begins by carefully slow cooking the handpicked agave piñas in traditional brick ovens. This time-honored method allows the flavors and sugars to develop, resulting in the distinctive character and richness found in each bottle of Baluarte tequila.

Shredding and Extracting Juice

After cooking, the piñas are shredded and crushed to extract the flavorful juice, preserving the essence of the agave in every batch of Baluarte tequila.


The extracted juice, known as “aguamiel” or “mosto” undergoes a slow fermentation process, with no chemical additives. Baluarte tequila is crafted using a 100% natural fermentation method, allowing the natural yeasts to work their magic and impart unique, natural flavors and aromas to the tequila. This commitment to a pure and natural fermentation process is an essential part of creating the distinct taste of Baluarte tequila.


Baluarte tequila takes pride in its distillation process, ensuring superior quality. Baluarte Blanco, undergoes a meticulous triple distillation in copper stills. This extra step in the distillation process helps to refine and elevate the flavors, resulting in the exceptional quality and smoothness that defines Baluarte Blanco.


Baluarte offers two exceptional aged expressions. Baluarte Reposado and Baluarte Anejo are both meticulously double distilled in copper stills. Baluarte Reposado is aged for 4 to 6 months in white oak barrels, while Baluarte Anejo undergoes a very special aging process. It is initially aged for 12 months in white oak barrels, with an additional 3-month finish in French oak barrels, making Baluarte a uniquely aged 15-month Añejo. These aging processes, combined with the double distillation, result in the distinctive flavors and depth found in Baluarte Reposado and Anejo.

Packaging and Labeling

A stylish bottle and a gorgeous, colorful cylinder: the perfect packaging for a superb tequila.

In the last stage of our process we make sure of carefully bottling the finest of tequilas and highlighting the value and the art involved in its production by placing the bottles in cylinders with unique, richly-colored designs that symbolize different aspects of the Mexican culture and legacy.

We manually label and uniquely number each bottle, and then pack it in small batches, thus providing not only a premium tequila, but also a refined experience.

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